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The North Carolina FarmHouse Association would like to welcome you to the New House Construction Homepage. This page is part of a larger project bringing to the internet a full interactive community of NCSU FarmHouse alumni, current active brothers, family, friends, and those interested in becoming involved with our brotherhood.

Approximately eight years ago the Association Board, led by Mitch Davis (’94) and Matt Moyer (’94), renewed the commitment to find a new home for the North Carolina State Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity. The current chapter house, located on Park Avenue in Raleigh, was built in the 19th century and has been home to the chapter since 1969. The old building’s condition could no longer support the safety and positive growth of the chapter as it moved into the 21st century.

A number of relocation and construction options were researched. Under new Association President Mac Winslow (’96) and continuing leadership of Matt Moyer (’94), a decision was made to move ahead with a plan for construction on the site of the current chapter house on Park Avenue. Architectural and site plans were prepared and subsequently approved by the City of Raleigh. A ground breaking ceremony was held on October 11th 2003 bringing together alumni, family, and friends of FarmHouse from across the fifty years of the chapter’s history at NC State. Paying tribute to the past 50 years at State and looking ahead to the future, the theme for this project is “Building For The Next 50 Years”. Indeed, the new house will carry the active chapter forward for many years to come.

Tireless hours of work were poured into its design. The 10,800 sq. ft., 3-story building (including basement) features an infrastructure of concrete and steel adding strength and endurance. However, the building’s exterior is designed to be reminiscent of the stately farm homes of the 19th century, and retains the charm and comfort of the old chapter house. The new structure houses up to 40 men and provides bedroom space, study areas, complete dining and kitchen facilities, as well as social, meeting, and formal areas. Of special note are two other features: the fire monitoring and sprinkler system providing a significant safety enhancement over the old house; and a personnel elevator traversing all three floors of the house and providing handicapped access.

On the left-hand side of this page there is a link to "New House Pictures".  By clicking on it, you will be taken to the album page where you may select to see pics from the groundbreaking event back in October 2003...or select one of the "construction albums" to look at how the house construction has progressed month-by-month. 
The Construction Phase completed during the second week of August, and the Dedication Ceremony was held on Saturday, September 18th, 2004.
All guests at the Chapter House Dedication Ceremony received a Commemorative Program.  If you would like to view it, all you need is ADOBE ACROBAT READER and then Click Here.
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