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Perhaps you're a high school senior preparing to attend North Carolina State University.  You have cleared that "first hurdle" - making a critical decision about where you will receive your college education.  The brothers of FarmHouse Fraternity would like to congratulate you on your choice to attend this great school and "the Home of Wolfpack Athletics".  STATE is a world-class university leading the way in Agriculture, Animal / Poultry Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Textiles, Product and Architectural Design, and a multitude of other disciplines.

So you know where you're going to be for the next few years.  The next critical question becomes..."How are you going to spend that time?"

  1. You certainly want to make new friends...but ones that share the same core values of you, your family, friends, and the community "back home".
  2. You want to have access to academic support, computers, convenient study facilities, and mentoring from other students who are currently taking or have recently taken many of the same courses into which you will be enrolled.
  3. Perhaps you enjoy playing sports in high school and are looking for opportunities to continue to participate in sports at college.
  4. You want a clean, safe, and attractive place to live.
  5. Mama fed you pretty well back home, and you'd like to continue eating that kind of good food while at school.
  6. You would welcome opportunities to show your civic pride through service activites and charitable events that benefit the community.
  7. You enjoy social events such as dinners, movies, dances, etc.
  8. You are looking for a complete, enriching college experience that by the end of your time at NC State, you are well-prepared to step-up and successfully face life's challenges.

BOTTOM LINE:  When you look back on your college experience, you want to be able to say "my years at STATE were some of the best years of my life".

Lots of questions...but you're "short on answers"??? 

The Men of FarmHouse may have the answers you seek.

We are looking for a few good boys to join us.  As our non-Greek name implies, FarmHouse is a different type of fraternal organization.

What we offer...

  1. We have a tradition of small-community values.
  2. Strong ties to North Carolina's agricultural heritage even though our membership is comprised of students majoring in a diverse cross-section of academic disciplines.
  3. Commitment to support projects that benefit our communities and those less fortunate.
  4. Academic Achievement to build THE MIND.
  5. Athletics to build THE BODY.
  6. Faith and Church to build THE SPIRIT.
  7. Incredible bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.

Our chapter built 10,800 sq. ft. house in 2004 it is one of the premier student residences at NC State... with spacious bedrooms, dedicated computer/study lab, cable TV and high speed cable modem access, 24/7 kitchen facilities, home-cooked meals included, elevator access to all three floors, individual climate controls for all bedrooms, free on-site laundry facilities, recreation room, ample off-street parking, and many other features.  All this within a 5-minute walk to the main campus so that you don't have the added expense of campus parking passes, or have to hassle with waiting to catch the "Wolfline" bus to campus.

We are especially proud of the fact that the Ammons Chapter House is one of the safest chapter houses in America.

  • Constructed in 2004 (Move-in was September '04)
    • Building's frame constructed of structural steel with concrete floors (bedrooms fully carpeted)
      • Metal wall studs
        • Fire-rated walls
          • Fire and smoke monitoring system directly linked to the City of Raleigh emergency services
            • State-of-the-art sprinkler system that is located throughout the entire building

The Men of FarmHouse invite you and your parents to consider all that we have to offer.  Please feel free to contact us through our site's Reruitment Link (be sure to select "Recruitment Chair" in the "Send To" field) to learn more about the Rush/New Member Programs and all the benefits of membership.  We'd love for you to visit...Recruitment Coordinator Chris Hester would be happy to arrange a tour for you of our new Ammons Chapter House. 

Ryan may also be contacted by calling the chapter at (919) 832-0886, or directly by cell phone at (910) 258-6478.



(Chartered - 1954)


Celebrating Our 57th Year of Excellence at

NC State University


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